2023年全国硕士研讨生招生考试(英语一)参阅答案及解析section ⅰ use of englishcaravanserais were roadside inns that were built along the silk road in areas including china, north africa and the middle east. they were typically __1_ outside the walls of a city or village and were usually funded by governments of _2__.this word “caravanserais” is a __3__ of the persian word “karvan”, which means a group of travellers or a caravan, and seray, a palace or enclosed building. the perm caravan was used to __4__ groups of people who travelled together across the ancient network for safety reasons, __5__ merchants, travellers or pilgrims.from the 10th century onwards, as merchant and travel routes become more developed, the __6__ of the caravanserais increased and they served as a safe place for people to rest at night. travellers on the silk road __7__ possibility of being attacked by thieves or being __8__ to extreme conditions. for this reason, caravanserais were strategically placed __9__ they could be reached in a day’s travel time.caravanserais served as an informal __10__ point for the various people who travelled the silk road. __11__, those structures became important centers for culture __12__ and interaction, with travelers sharing their cultures, ideas and beliefs, __13__ talking knowledge with them, greatly __14__ the development of several civilizations.caravanserais were also an important marketplace for commodities and __15__ in the trade of goods along the silk road. __16__, it was frequently the first stop merchants looking to sell their wares and __17__ supplies for their own journeys. it is __18__ that around 120000 to 15000 caravanserais were built along the silk road, __19__ only about 3000 are known to remain today, many of which are in __20__.1.a. displayed b. occupied c. located d. equipped2.a. privately b. regularly c. respectively d. permanently3.a. definition b. transition c. substitution d. combination4.a. classify b. record c. describe d. connect5.a. apart from b. instead of c. such as d. along with6.a. construction b. restoration c. impression d. evaluation7.a. doubted b. faced c. accepted d. reduced8.a. assigned b. subjected c. accustomed d. opposed9.a. so that b. even if c. now that d. in case10.a. talking b. starting c. breaking d. meeting11.a. by the way b. on occasion c. in comparison d. as a result12.a. heritage b. revival c. exchange d. status13.a. with regard to b. in spite of c. as well as d. in line with14.a. completing b. influencing c. resuming d. pioneering15.a. aided b. invested c. failed d. competed16.a. rather b. indeed c. otherwise d. however17.a. go in for b. standard up for c. lose in on d. stock up on18.a. believed b. predicted c. recalled d. implied19.a. until b. because c. unless d. although20.a. ruins b. debt c. fashion d. series【1】c. located 后边outside the walls of a city or village标明方位 只需located 可今后接地址,标明位于在……当地【2】a privately 此处副词润饰前面的fund, 带入只需privately 私下赞助更为合理【3】 d. combination 空后边接了of the persian word “karvan”和and seray, a palace or enclosed building 标明是这两个词的联系体词为combination,【4】c. describe 根据上一句对与词caravanserais的说明,这一句也是标明同义方向的内容,用来说明the perm caravan,这儿只需描绘这个词可以表达词义。【5】c. such as groups of people 是前面的大领域的名词短语,而空后边merchants, travellers or pilgrims 为小领域的内容,所以需要标明罗列联络,只需such as 复合语义。【6】a. construction 根据第一段第一句标明caravanserais …… were built 可以看到同义句意 the construction of the caravanserais。【7】b. faced 前一句讲到 safe place ,后边travellers …… possibility of being attacked,这儿需要一个动词分配,带入可知只需旅行者面临被突击的可以性。【8】b. subjected 根据and 的前后语义共同原则,前面说到将面临突击,后边也要接贬义颜色的内容,根据分配 be subjected to 标明 遭受不好的东西 与前面语义颜色一向。【9】a. so that 前面 说到caravanserais 被有方案的放置,后边接的是they could be reached in a day’s travel time. 可以看出前后为因果联络,只需so that 后接成果。【10】d. meeting caravanserais 被当作 an informal非正式的 …… point地址,前面讲到我们在旅行日抵达这儿,所以这儿只能是meeting point 碰头的地址。【11】d. as a result 前后说到caravanserais served as an informal meeting point( caravanserais被当作一个非正式接见会面的点),空格后接those structures became important centers(这些当地被当作重要的中心),可以得出前后为因果联络,只需as a result,可以满足。【12】c. exchange and 前后词义附近,与interaction”互动;交游”词义附近的是exchange “交流;交流”。【13】c. as well as 文中 独立主格中with travelers sharing their cultures, ideas and beliefs, () talking knowledge with them 可以看出sharing cultures,ideas and beliefs 和后边talking knowledge with them 为并排联络,只需 as well as 契合正确答案。【14】b. influencing 前面说到sharing their cultures, ideas and beliefs, as well as talking knowledge with them, 动作 the development of several civilizations. 带入只需influence契合语义。【15】a. aided 前面讲到caravanserais were also an important marketplace for commodities标明一个褒义的颜色,而and 后内容需要坚持共同,只需aided 契合语义颜色。【16】b. indeed 前一句讲的是重要商场,后边语句it was frequently the first stop merchants looking to sell their wares 也标明售卖产品,语义共同,只需indeed契合语义。【17】d. stock up on and 前面讲到商人卖货,后边空格又接了supplies供给只需 stock up on 储存契合文义。【18】b. predicted 空格后说到round 120000 to 15000 caravanserais were built,是一个预估的作业,所以只能选择predicted.【19】d. although 前后语义完全相反,前后讲remain 后边讲ruins,所以只能选择although。【20】a. ruins 前面说到…… remain today与之在同义语域的只需 in ruins “消除,不见”。section ⅱ reading comprehensionpart atext 121. in the first paragraph, the weather in texas is mentioned toa. forecast a policy shift in texas schoolb. stress the consequences of climate changec. indicate the atmosphere at the board meetingd. draw the public’s attention to energy shortages【21】c. indicate the atmosphere at the board meeting 解析:该题为例子题,问在第一段得克萨斯州的气候被提及为了阐明啥。文章最初说到得克萨斯州气候变冷迩来变成了热谈论题,可是州教育董事会的会议热度正高 (but the temperature will be high at the state board of education meeting),因而这儿说到得克萨斯州气候是为了来反衬州教育董事会关于气候改变教育谈论的热度。故选c。22. what does quinn think of hardy?a. she exaggerates the existing panic.b. she denies the value of scientific work.c. she shows no concern for pre-teens.d. she expressed self-contradictory view.【22】b. she denies the value of scientific work. 解析:该题为细节题,根据题干中的quinn和hardy定位到第三段。这儿说到:大大都科学家和专家激烈对立哈代的观念。quinn说:?撬嬉獾亟液涂蒲Ъ业淖饕底饕凳游硪恢直晃蟮嫉墓勰睢!?they casually dismiss the career work of scholars and scientists as just another misguided opinion.)。因而证明quinn认为hardy否定科学研讨的价值。故选b。23. the study in paragraph 5 shows thata. climate education is insufficient at the states public schools.b. policymakers have little drive for science education.c. texas is reluctant to rewrite its science textbook.d. environmental teaching in some states lacks supervision.【23】a. climate education is insufficient at the states public schools. 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干定位到第五段,里边说到由科学家和教师构成的非盈利组织——美国国家科学教育中心上一年进行了一项研讨,研讨了全美州立公立学校在科学课上如何应对气候改变,成果给美国只需一半的州给出了b+或更高的评分。(looking at how state public schools across the country address climate change in science classes, gave barely half of us states a grade b+ or higher)。由此可知有另一半的州对气候改变教育的评价不高,经过打分标明不满,所以闪现州立公立学校中的气候教育缺乏。故选a。24. according to branch, state-level science standards in the usa. call for regular revision.b. require urgent application.c. have limited influence.d. cater to local needs.【24】c. have limited influence. 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干中的branch和state-level science standards 定位到第六段。里边说到:在一个将抉择计划权下放给当地学校董事会的国家,拟定州级科学标准只是一个有限的基准。(only one limited benchmark in a country).limited benchmark对应选项傍边的limited influence,由此证明州科学标准影响有限。故选c。25. it is implied in the last paragraph that climate change teaching in some schoolsa. agree to major public demands.b. reflects teachers personal biases.c. may misrepresent the energy sector.d. can be swayed by external forces.【25】d. can be swayed by external forces. 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干信息定位到最终一段。最终一句话提及其间包括由安适主义智库和动力作业协会赞助的教材。(they include materials sponsored by libertarian think-tanks and energy industry associations.),因而证明气候改变教育会遭到外部力气的分配。故选d。text 226. which of the following is true of new england?a. its housing supply is at a very low level.b. its communities are in need of funding.c. its rental vacancy rate is going up slowly.d. its home prices are under strict control.【26】a its housing supply is at a very low level 解析:该题为实际细节题,问关于新英格兰哪点是正确的,文中说到:跟着房价创纪录的高和前史性的低库存(with record-high home prices and historically low inventory)。所以its housing supply is at a very low level住所供给处于非常低的水平以及historically low inventory前史性的低库存是同义替换,故选a。27. the bill mentioned in paragraph 2 was intended toa. curb short-term rental speculation.b. ensure the supply of cheap housing.c. punish illegal dealings in housing.d. allow a free short-term rental market.【27】d allow a free short-term rental market 解析:该题为细节题,问第2段说到的法案旨在,文中说到:法案将乡镇拟定捆绑短期租借的立法变成不合法。(a bill that would’ve made it illegal for towns to create legislation restricting short-term rentals)。所以该法案不期望捆绑短期租借,故选d。28. compared with castle, taylor is more likely to supporta. further investment in local tourism.b. an increase in affordable housing.c. strict management of real estate agents.d. a favorable policy for short-term workers.【28】b an increase in affordable housing 解析:该题为细节题,与castle比较,taylor更有可以撑持,文中说到:没有满足的可担负住所,泰勒说:“雇主很难招引职工,工人也很难找到住处。”(without enough affordable housing …, “employers are having a hard time attracting employees, and workers are having a hard time finding a place to live,’’ taylor said)。所以taylor认为需要添加可担负住所,故选b。29. what does horn emphasize in paragraph 5?a. the urgency to upgrade short-term rental facilities.b. the efficient operation of the local housing market.c. the necessity to stop developers from evading taxes.d. the proper procedures for renting out spare houses.【29】c the necessity to stop developers from evading taxes 解析:该题为细节题,在第5段中horn偏重了啥,文中说到:霍恩说:“我认为疑问是,一个开发商假定真的在缔造酒店,却把它假装成不是酒店,莫非不大约像酒店相同遭到对待、纳税和监管吗?”(“i think the question is, shouldn’t a developer who’s really building a hotel, but disguising it as not a hotel, be treated and taxed and regulated like a hotel?’’ horn said.)所以horn认为有必要阻挡开发商为了避税和避开监管而在缔造酒店的进程中假装成不是酒店,故选c。30. horn holds that imposing registration requirements isa. an irrational decision.b. an unnecessary measure.c. an unfeasible proposal.d. an inadequate solution.【30】d an inadequate solution 解析:该题为细节题,horn认为强行实施挂号需求是,文中说到:霍恩标明,类似的挂号需求可以会让其他堕入窘境的城市和乡镇获益。可是,处置这个疑问的仅有途径是创造更多的住所。(horn said similar registration requirements could benefit other struggling cities and towns. the only way to solve the issue, however, is by creating more housing.)阐明horn认为类似的挂号需求其实并不是一个适合的处置方案,故选d。text 331. the author mentions two books in paragraph to presenta. an ongoing confl
ictb. an intellectual conceptc. a prevailing sentimentd. a literary phenomenon【31】a. an ongoing conflict 解析:该题为例子题。题干问作者提及两本书的意图是啥。例子题论据呈如今最初,观念大约往后找,下一句?档秸饬奖臼槎冀谙轮苡善蠖炖嫉鞘槲莩鍪椋霉镜鼻罢胨榈攴⑸岢郑?both of these books are published next week by penguin random house, a company currently involved in a stand-off with waterstones.),因而证明当前出书社和书店正在发生冲突。故选a。32. why did waterstones shops retire prh books to their relevant sections?a. to make them easily noticeableb. to comply with prh’s requirementc. to respond to prh’s business moved. to arrange them in systematic way【32】c. to respond to prh’s business move 解析:该题为细节题。题干问为啥waterstones(水石书店)会把prh的书退到有关的专柜。根据题干信息定位到第二段最终一句。这一段最初说到:这个疑问(31题中说到的冲突)始于上一年年末,其时企鹅兰登书屋(prh)证明,它现已向水石书店推出了“非常高的”诺言额度捆绑。(the problem began late last year, when penguin random house confirmed that it had introduced a credit limit with waterstones “at a very significant level”.)。因而证明水石书店把书退回是为了应对prh的诺言额度捆绑。故选c。33. what message does the spokesperson for waterstones seem to convey?a. their customers remain loyalb. the credit limit will be removed.c. their stock is underestimated.d. the book market is rather slack【33】a. their customers remain loyal 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干spokesperson定位到第三段第一句。答案句在这一段倒数后两句,里边说到:“咱们的商铺如今从头倒闭了,咱们期望恢复正常,咱们将被答应恰当地购物。当然,咱们的商铺非常繁忙,图书出售也非常好。咱们5月份的月度图书销量跨越了2021年以来的任何一个月。(certainly, our shops are exceptionally busy and book sales are very strong. the sales for our may books of the month surpassed any month since 2021.”)。阐明尽管水石书店收到信贷条款有所削减,可是图书销量非常好,印证了他们仍然有忠诚的顾客。故选a。34. what can be one consequence of the current dispute?a. sales of books by mid-list prh writers fall off considerably.b. lesser-known prh writers become the target of criticismc. waterstones staff hesitate to promote big-name author’s books.d. waterstones branches suffer a severe reduction in revenue.【34】a. sales of books by mid-list prh writers fall off considerably. 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干傍边的dispute定位到第四段。第二句说到出名prh作者可以会遭到一些影响,但那些一般依靠水石书店职工热心推广不太出名作家作品的中游作家,将会恳求这场纠缠结束。(it’s those mid-list authors, who normally rely on waterstones staff’s passion for promoting books by lesser-known writers, who will be praying for an end to the dispute.)。因而能印证居中作家的书本销量大幅下滑,处于晦气方位。故选a。35. which of the following statements best represents lownie’s view?a. small publishers ought to stick together.b. big publishers will lose their dominance.c. the publishing industry is having a hard time.d. the merger of publishers is a worrying trend.【35】d. the merger of publishers is a worrying trend. 解析:该题为细节题。根据题干傍边的lownie定位到倒数第二段。答案句在最终一段:咱们将看到,这种多样化(=merger)是不是是其时出书商需要满足大的规划来接收一切来客的牺牲品。作者在担忧是不是这种多样化会变成牺牲品(we shall see whether that plurality is a casualty of the current need among publishers to be big enough to take on all-comers.),因而证明出书商的多样化是一个令人担忧的趋势。故选d。text 436. according paragraph 1, the careers of scientists can be determined bya. how many citations their works contain.b. how many times their papers are cited.c. the prestige of the people they work with.d. the status they have in scientific circles.【36】b how many times their papers are cited 解析:该题为细节题,问科学家的作业生计由啥抉择,第一段末句说到:科学家的作业生计及其机构的名誉取决于他们所宣告论文的数量和名誉,但更重要的是,这些论文所招引到的引证。(but even more so on the citations attracted by these papers)所以作业家的生计最要害的要素是他们论文被引证的次数。37. the support service consultancies tend toa. recommend journals to their clients.b. list citation patterns for their clients.c. ask authors to include extra citations.d. advise contributors to cite each other.【37】c ask authors to include extra citations 解析:该题为细节题,问撑持效能的征询公司一般会,文中说到:供给撑持效能的征询公司有时会主张撰稿人在他们的文章和火伴的文章中添加一些引文。(support service consultancies … sometimes advise contributors to add a number of citations to their articles and the articles of colleagues)。include extra citations是add a number of citations的同义替换,故选c。38. the function of the “milk cow” journals is toa. boost citation counts for certain authors.b. help scholars publish articles at low cost.c. instruct first-time contributors in citation.d. increase the readership of new journals.【38】a boost citation counts for certain authors 解析:该题为细节题,问“奶牛”期刊的作用是啥,文中说到:这些期刊可以像奶牛相同,每期的每篇文章都可以引证一篇特定的论文或一系列论文。(these journals can act as milk cows where every single article in an issue may cite a specific paper or a series of papers)。每期的每篇文章都可以引证特定或许一系列论文,也就是为某些作者添加引证次数,故选a。39. what can be learned about scopus from the last two paragraphs?a. it fosters competition among citation providers.b. it has the capability to identify suspicious citations.c. it hinders the growth of “international” journals.d. it is established to prevent citation manipulation.【39】b it has the capability to identify suspicious citations 解析:该题为推理细节题,问从最终两段中可以得知scopus,文中说到:scopus本身具有检测这种坏处所需的一切数据。(scopus itself has all the data necessary to detect this malpractice)。这儿b项identify suspicious citations(发现可疑的引证)和原文detect this malpractice(发现这种不当行为)是同义替换,故选b。40. what should an author do to deal with citation manipulators?a. take legal action.b. demand an apology.c. seek professional advice.d. reveal their misconduct.【40】d reveal their misconduct 解析:该题为细节题,问作者大约如何处置引文操作者,文中说到:当修改、审稿人或撑持效能机构需求你添加不恰当的参阅文献时,不要强逼自个,并将恳求陈述给期刊。(when an editor, a reviewer, or a support service asks you to add inappropriate references, do not oblige and do report the request to the journal)。这儿d项reveal their misconduct(戳穿他们的不当行为)和原文do report the request to the journal(将恳求陈述给期刊)是同义替换,故选d。part b[a] this year marks the 150th anniversary of a series of yellowstone photographs by the renowned landscape photographer william henry jackson. he captured the first-ever shots of iconic landmarks such as the tetons, old faithful and the colorado rockies. jackson snapped them on a late 19th-century expedition through the yellowstone basin that was conducted by the head of the u.s. geological and geographical survey of the territories, ferdinand v. hayden. the team included a meteorologist, a zoologist, a mineralogist, and an agricultural statistician.[b] two centuries ago, the idea of preserving nature, rather than exploiting it, was a novel one to many u.s. settlers. one of the turning points in public support for land conservation efforts — and recognizing the magnificence of the yellowstone region in particular — came in the form of vivid photographs.[c] as an effective washington operator, hayden sensed that he could capitalize on the expedition’s stunning visuals. he asked jackson to print out large copies and distributed them, along with reproductions of moran’s paintings, to each member of congress. “the visualization, particularly those photographs, really hit home that this is something that has to be protected,” says murphy.[d] throughout the trip, jackson juggled multiple cameras and plate sizes using the collision process that involved coating the plates with a chemical mixture, exposing them and developing the resulting images with a portable darkrooms. the crude technique required educated guesses on exposures times, and involved heavy, awkward equipment–several men had to assist in its transportation. despite these challenges, jackson captured dozens of striking photos, ranging from majestic images like his now-famous snapshot of old faithful, to casual portraits of expedition members that the camp. while veterans of previous expeditions had written at length about stunning sights, these vivid photographs were another thing entirely.[e] the well-documented yellowstone journey officially began in ogden, utah on june 8, 1871. over nearly four months, dozens of men made their way on horseback into montana and traversed along the yellowstone river and around yellowstone lake. that fall, they concluded the survey in fort bridger, wyoming.[f] though native americans (and later miners and fur trappers) had long recognized the area’s riches, most americans did not. that’s why hayden’s expedition aimed to produce a fuller understanding of the yellowstone river region, from its hot springs and waterfalls to its variety of flora and fauna. in addition to the entourage of scientists, the team also included artists: painter thomas moran and photographer william henry jackson were charged with capturing this astounding natural beauty and sharing it with the world.[g] the bill proved largely popular and sailed through congress with large majorities in favor. in quick succession, the senate and house passed legislation protecting yellowstone in early 1872.[h] perhaps most importantly, these images provided documentary evidence of the park’s sights that later made its way to government officials. weeks after completing the expedition, hayden collected his team’s observations into an extensive report aimed at convincing senators and representatives, along with colleagues at government agencies like the department of the interior, that yellowstone ought to be preserved (and that his department deserved additional funds).41 a 42 e 43 h 44 45【41】b首要打扫aeh选项,其次,c、d中呈现了jackson 非全名,所以打扫,f中呈现hayden 非全名打扫, g the bill 标明前面呈现过,打扫, h perhaps most importantly, these images 可知前面呈现过images,可打扫,答案只能是b。【42】fa中呈现the team included…… f中呈现in addition to the entourage of scientists, the team also……根据逻辑联络可知,f紧跟a后,所以答案是f【43】dd 中呈现throughout the trip与e中的the well-documented yellowstone journey……同义复现。以及d中呈现images,h中呈现these images。所以答案是d【44】che asked jackson to print out large copies and distributed…… to each member of congress. 讲到打印出许多得复印品分发给国会,让国会参加。【45】gthe bill proved largely popular and sailed through congress with large majorities in favor. 标明维护最终经过国会的方案,进行立法。cg为绑缚选项。part c【46】ai can also be used to identify the lifestyle choices of customers regarding their hobbies, favourite celebrities, and fashions to provide unique content in marketing messages put out through social media.查询常识点:介词短语;非谓语动词短语人工智能还可以用来辨认客户的日子方法选择,包括他们的喜爱、最喜爱的名人和时髦,然后在交际媒体上发布的推广信息中供给一起的内容。【47】some believe that ai is negatively-impacting on the marketer’s role by reducing creativity and removing jobs but they are aware that it is a way of reducing costs and creating new information.查询常识点:宾语从句;并排句一些人认为,人工智能经过削弱创造力和削减作业岗位,对推广人员的作用发生了负面影响,但他们知道到这是一种降低本钱和创造新信息的方法。【48】algorithms used to stimulate human interactions are creating many of these concerns, especially no-one is quite sure what the outcomes of using ai to interact with customers will be.查询常识点:曩昔分词短语;宾语从句用于影响人类互动的算法正在发生许多这样的担忧,特别是没有人能断定运用人工智能与客户互动会带来啥样的成果。【49】if customers are not willing to show data, ai will be starved of essential information and will not be able to function effectively or employ machine learning to improve its marketing content and communication.查询常识点:条件状语从句假定客户不愿意闪现数据,人工智能将短少必要的信息,进而无法有用运作,也无法使用机器学习来改进其推广内容和传达方法。【50】the non-intrusive delivery of the marketing messages in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the target customer is one of the critical challenges to the digital marketer.查询常识点:宾语从句以一种对方针客户需要活络的方法非侵入式地传递推广信息是数字商场推广人员面临的要害应战之一。section ⅲ writingpart a【51】directions:write a notice to recruit a student for professor smith’s research project on campus sports activities.specify the duties and requirements of the job.you should write your answer in about 100 words on the answer sheet.do not use your own name in the notice; use “li ming” instead.(10 points)参阅范文noticejune 10, 2023a research is to be conducted by professor smith,which is on campus sports activities. we hereby issue a notice to recruit a student to assist this job.the responsibilities and qualifications are as follows. first and foremost, since the project will last two months from july 10, the volunteer student is supposed to involved in the whole process, including organizing experimental subjects and recording research data. in addition, those students are preferred who master sound knowledge of sports and have participated in former campus sports activities. moreover, teamwork spirit, diligence and critical thinking are some of the prerequisite qualities for the research work.those who are interested in being volunteers may email us at students’ union@university.edu.cn before june 10, 2023.li mingpart b【52】write an essay of 160-200 words based on the picture below. in your essay, you should1)describe the picture briefly,2)interpret the implied meaning, and3)give your comments.

参阅范文here is a picture, interesting and with profound implication. as is vividly depicted in the photo, two elderly people are watching the dragon boat races, which successfully captures our eyes. they are satisfied and delighted to see the growing popularity of dragon boat race with an increasing number of people getting involved. apparently, what the drawing has subtly conveyed is supposed to be given further analysis.actually, the cartoon shows a heated phenomenon, namely, the inheritance of traditional festivals and culture. theoretically, this issue can be analyzed from several perspectives, but for my part, the following three are of utmost importance. first of all, the comprehensive and continuous development of our economy might exert great influence, which allows residents to lead a full and varied life and participate in festival celebrations. in addition, this situation may exist based on the fact that our country has been sparing no efforts to protect and carry forward traditional festivals and customs. furthermore, the role of the media is also noteworthy whose publicity and coverage further expand the public’s attention to traditional festivals and customs, especially among young people.based on the above discussions, we can conclude that traditional chinese festivals indeed deserve much concern and full-scale consideration. it is highly suggested that all sectors of society make own parts to look forward to the further progress and prosperity of traditional chinese festivals and culture.

2023年全国硕士研讨生招生考试(英语一)参阅答案及解析section ⅰ use of englishcar…

2023年全国硕士研讨生招生考试(英语一)参阅答案及解析section ⅰ use of englishcar…


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